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Thank you for your exceptional customer service. I am very grateful for the help and patience all your staff showed my wife and I. Few people are prepared for the expenses that come with being diagnosed with a critical illness, the reduction...
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A Superb service. You took time to explain all the benefits of the Critical Illness cover. We did not realise that it was so important to pick the right provider for this type of family protection as so many companies have differencing definitions. As well as getting cover for my wife and I, we were recommended a product with free children's critical illness cover which we didn't even know existed.
They were also available...
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Critical Illness for Medics

Would losing your health also mean losing your house and belongings?

If you had to stop work, you would also stop accruing NHS Pension- how could you help solve this?

For most people, being diagnosed with a critical illness would mean work could become impossible; your employer may not allow you continue working as it may have a detrimental affect on your well being and you maybe struggling to get to grips with the change in your state of health. In addition, the recent amendments to the NHS Ill Health retirement scheme may mean that you may not qualify for ‘Ill Health retirement benefit’-therefore, Critical Illness Cover could become a life-line.

If you have a mortgage-, how would you continue to make mortgage repayments?

Critical Illness cover is not like choosing life cover, as you do not know how ill you may become. Add this to the fact that insurers have varying definitions for different illnesses, choosing the right plan can be complicated.There are many components to determine the most appropriate critical illness plan. On the reasonable assumption that the aim is to maximise the probability of a claim being paid out, the quality of the ‘claim definition’ becomes vitally important. The excellence of the Ageas claims definitions ensure they are a serious contender within any selection method.

Low Start Premiums- A new way to pay for your Critical Illness cover

In order to make this cover more affordable, we can offer the cover on a Level or ‘Low Start’ Basis.

The Low start offers:- This could help with reducing the cost of your cover especially if you are considering using this as a product to run alongside a mortgage
Professional advice and products for GP’s

Low start premiums may be right if:-

For further information on this product, please see the enclosed Key features of the Low start plan.

The Association OF British Insurers (ABI’s) 2006 Statement of Best Practice covers 23 conditions and provides model definitions for each of them.

To help you, we have shown whether the definition comes from the ABI statement of Best Practice or is their own. We have shown: For some definitions, the ABI allows providers to set age limits on the cover they offer; Ageas have chosen not to limit their cover in this way. For example, their Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease definitions are not limited to onset before a certain age. Similarly, their HIV definition has a broader geographical scope than most competitors. They currently cover 40 Critical Illnesses of which 11 are currently ABI+

Useful links
ABI+ definitions
Best Doctors

Whilst we have provided a detailed explanation of the cover offered by Ageas Insurance, we are not restricting you to taking out cover with them, once you quote a number of companies will be offered to you.
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