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After qualification, we attended a local mess meeting. The Medical & Professional representatives were very clear and knowledgeable about their products.
We decided to apply for Income Protection via Medical & Professional, they clearly explained the NHS Ill Health benefits and how the Income Protection plan they were recommending dovetailed...
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Testimonial 2
I would recommend that everybody should have income protection. When I became unable to work, Medical & Professional were extremely helpful during my claim ‘’holding my hand’’ throughout the whole process. The Insurer they had recommended dealt with my claim in a very professional and courteous manner and I was always treated with respect and dignity by their staff. The money I received from the policy helped greatly to reduce finance...
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Flexible income protection cover for doctors

Is it essential for doctors to consider what might happen should they be unable to practice for a prolonged period of time. Irrespective of the stage of your career, a long term illness or loss of earnings can have a serious affect on your financial wellbeing. MPI use our intricate knowledge of the remuneration and benefits packages for NHS employees to tailor income protection cover to the specific needs of doctors. Our partners and advisers have in excess of 100 years combined experience of working in the financial services industry, 30 years of which was with BMA services. The intricate knowledge held by our financial planners has allowed us to offer financial solutions to over 1000 medical professionals.

Income protection cover for doctors helps safeguard against the financial consequences of a sickness or disability which prevents you from working, right up to retirement if necessary.

NHS statutory sick pay does not provide long term cover

In the event of a long term illness it is often the case that sick pay based on a sliding scale from the commencement of NHS employment is simply not sufficient, with the full entitlement not reached until after 5 years of service. Even after this time, the maximum benefit will pay for 12 months of sick leave, 6 months of which will only be at half pay. In the event of a long term illness then you really do need specialist income protection for doctors which provides cover, usually after a defined term of ‘deferment’, which ensures that the benefit is paid at the end of the deferment period. Due to the sliding scale of entitlement of doctor’s sick pay, a fixed term of deferment is not appropriate, which is exactly the reason why our income protection cover is specifically tailored for doctors.

A truly unique aspect of the Income Protection we offer is that it is available without the need for a face to face meeting. We know just how busy the lives of doctors can be, and how precious this makes your free time. We make the whole process simple by allowing you to purchase your income protection cover online.

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