Testimonial 1
After qualification, we attended a local mess meeting. The Medical & Professional representatives were very clear and knowledgeable about their products.
We decided to apply for Income Protection via Medical & Professional, they clearly explained the NHS Ill Health benefits and how the Income Protection plan they were recommending dovetailed...
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Testimonial 2
I would recommend that everybody should have income protection. When I became unable to work, Medical & Professional were extremely helpful during my claim ‘’holding my hand’’ throughout the whole process. The Insurer they had recommended dealt with my claim in a very professional and courteous manner and I was always treated with respect and dignity by their staff. The money I received from the policy helped greatly to reduce finance...
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If you are unable to work due to Illness, accident or injury- we can provide a plan that could replace your Income

Newly Qualified Doctors and Hospital Doctors
Once you have completed five years of service The NHS will provide you with 6 months full pay followed by 6 months half pay. However, in the early years, this is not the case. You will receive-lower cover. i.e. During your first years service ‘One month full pay followed by Two months half pay’, during the second year of service – ‘Two months full pay followed by two months half pay’, etc.
After 52 weeks you would only be entitled to state benefits...

You Therefore have to Insure yourself Privately

How Does Income Protection Cover Work
The plans are designed to provide you with a replacement Income once your NHS income stops. This income will continue until you either ‘return to work’ or ‘stop working’. The plans are generally arranged to cover you until your chosen retirement age, 60 or 65. Benefits are paid free of tax. There’s not normally a limit to the number of claims you can make throughout your career. Several Insurers provide Income Protection cover for Doctors and have designed their policies to work in conjunction with the NHS sick pay scheme. Their contract also offers ’Own Occupation’ cover- (Own occupation means that, if you are unable to do your own specific job) regardless of whether you could do another within the NHS, the policy will cover you.

The NHS Doctors' sick pay Initiative
A particular feature of their plan is the ‘NHS sick pay initiative for newly qualified doctors’. This is designed to help provide you with a replacement income, starting as soon as your NHS full sick pay ends, (whatever your length of service). Premiums are guaranteed so your cost will not increase unless you choose to increase your cover. To help accommodate for any pay rises and inflation, you can choose for your income replacement level to rise every year, regardless of any changes in your state of health.

We recognizes that as a medical practitioner, there is a small risk of accidentally contracting HIV/AIDS. The plan we are recommending does not have a HIV/Aids exclusion for members of the medical & dental profession if they ‘contract the HIV infection accidentally whilst carrying out their normal duties’.

Applying For Cover
By clicking the button below, you will be able to apply for a quotation. Please follow the instructions to input your data. Please insert your current NHS income (including your banding) when prompted. The computer will automatically produce a quotation to match your NHS Sick Pay scheme.

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