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Level Term
The amount of life cover will remain the same throughout the life of the policy. Suitable for people with Interest Only mortgages (where the amount of loan will remain the same over the term of the mortgage) and for family protection.
Decreasing Term
The amount of life cover will reduce inline with the outstanding debt on a repayment mortgage. Suitable for people who have a repayment mortgage where the loan is repaid gradually over the course of the mortgage term. The premium will remain the same throughout the term.
Family Income Benefit
This is similar to Level Term Assurance, however, it pays out a regular tax free income (rather than a lump sum) on death for a specific term. Suitable for families.

Benefit Type

Life Cover
This policy will only payout upon death (including Terminal Illness cover**)
Life and Earlier Critical Illness
This policy would payout on the earlier of death or diagnosis of a specified Critical Illness. Once a successful claim is made the policy will cease.*


Premium Frequency
Choose if you would like to pay your premiums monthly or annually.
Term in Years
Choose how long you wish the policy to cover you for.
Sum Assured
This will be a lump sum for a Level or Decreasing policy or an annual amount for a Family Income Benefit policy.
Increasing Benefit
Choose this option if you would like the sum assured AND premium to increase annually in line with inflation.
Waiver of premium
This is an additional insurance for the premium itself and usually means that the policy premiums will be paid for you if you are off sick and unable to work for a period of more than 6 months.
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